One Button Puzzle game

Ichi is an easy to play yet challenging one button puzzle game. Don't be deceived by the game's simplistic look, it's a brain twister for sure! And with the editor anyone can create levels and share them.

Ichi will be released on iOS, Android, PC & Mac.

Kids vs Goblins

Action Adventure RPG

Kids vs Goblins is an action adventure game for the iPad. Players take on the role of three children, stranded on an island as they look for their kidnapped baby brother. The kids take on the twisted goblins, former humans corrupted by magical stones of power.

Each kid has a set of magical spells they can use to defeat the goblins, but they can only carry a few spells at a time. With more than 60 spells to unlock there are many difficult choices to make, keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting.

Discover six beautifully realized 3d levels, each with a host of different missions for hours of fun.


Unannounced project

Level art & design

Crescent Moon Games assigned us to develop this level for an unannounced project for a high profile publisher. This is the starting area where the player can learn the controls of the game and do some browsing in the town stores.

The level was created using unity for iOS deployment.


City of Souls

Level art

Crescent Moon Games assigned us to develop level art for City of Souls. A game that will be released later this year.



Chime Multiplayer

Multiplayer puzzle game

When OneBigGame, publisher of Chime, asked us to create a multiplayer version of Chime we couldn't have been happier. We accepted the challenge and in three months we created 6 modes, 34 gameplay variations on these modes. With the help of student composers we also created 8 new music tracks.

Zoƫ Mode has since then developed Chime Multiplayer in a fully fledged PC & PSN game called Chime Super Deluxe



Slag om Dondervoort

2d art

Vereniging Nederlandse vestingsteden assigned us to create a map of The Netherlands for their educational urban game.